The Tribal Knowledge Collective

We Rise by Lifting Others

About the Tribal Knowledge Collective

We do rise by lifting others and that is a core belief of this movement. Our mission is to amplify the sharing economy and bring craftsmanship, humanity and soul back to business.

We are focused on helping organizations maximize prosperity for all. As a small start-up trying to get ahead or a $100M organization wanting to truly impact people and planet in a positive way, we can’t do it alone. We collectively harness our domain knowledge to breathe life into ideas, projects and initiatives we love.

A diverse group of individuals and companies who all complement each other and share the same philosophy with regards to doing work we care about, with people we care about for betterment of all. An enormous amount of “tribal knowledge” to leverage and apply to any situation.

We are pioneering a new way of delivering value to customers and clients. Our belief is that you don’t need to have a formal company structure or a rigid business model.

If you have the right people who are committed to doing the right thing, passionate about the subject area, respectful of each other’s genius and a desire for the prosperity of all, then the money will come and the motivation will not need to be incented. Our triple bottom line is People, Planet, Prosperity.

We are passionate about sharing these stories to inspire other collectives, the development of communities and fundamentally change the way work is delivered.

Luck truly does favour the collective genius.

Our Propositions

Making an Entrepreneur

Making an Entrepreneur

You’ve left your corporate career and decided to follow your passions, make your dreams come true, live your purpose. Now what?

That was me a year ago, I had just enough to keep my son and I afloat for a few months and no idea where I was going to find the funding to breathe life in to my ideas. So, I set the intention and started to reach out to my tribe and was born. The collective that got me started can get you going too. So, here they are:

  • Dominic Kingston brand and creative strategy at The Cartelle.
  • Chris Enstrom from Dijitle digital strategy development and delivery for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Simplex Legal, Geoff Best and Martine Boucher lawyers who are entrepreneurs and just get it.
  • Max Foley photographer and communications expert, published in Time Magazine.
  • The Censeo Group extremely experienced, advisors in technology and business.

When you surround yourself with people who believe in the fact that we rise together, they are not going to gauge you instead you pay what is fair and, in some cases, you trade services. The collective came together to help each other prosper.

Thank You!


From YYC to NYC Blog

From YYC to NYC Blog

Ever wondered what it takes to follow your purpose? Be part of the “Crazy Ones”? Live an extraordinary life?

This exciting project answers those questions. It starts with two strangers one in Calgary, Alberta and another in Brooklyn, New York who discovered the answer and through the process discovered each other. They decided to share their experience and that of so many others by getting curious and documenting, in a very unique way, the journey of amazing entrepreneurial humans, leaders, founders, activists, who are living their purpose and positively impacting the world we live in.

Humans who did it their way rather than following the traditional scripts. Be part of this inspiring community of purpose driven humans and let us tell your story so that you can inspire others to live theirs.

The RAWCast

The RAWCast

The R.A.W (Real Authentic Women) podcast is a series of podcasts that are meant to talk candidly about the topics we face daily while being inspired to live our best lives.

Lacie and Tina are the edgy and funny, real, raw and authentic duo behind this podcast. They found insights and wisdom they gained from each so powerful that they had to be shared with more humans to help navigate through this crazy yet beautiful journey called life.

These two friends hope to connect with you through this series of raw conversations and help you have some “A Ha!” moments of your own, as they do, while listening to each other. Their mission is to inspire others to live their best life.

It is currently in the pilot phase with a select group of listeners and will be open to the broader public soon. Grateful to the talented Jason Chisholm from Centre Street Media who produces the podcast.